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Cloud-native clearing, Settlement, Execution, and Custody platform

Pacsquare's cloud-native architecture is designed to leverage modern cloud computing infrastructure. It utilizes microservices that enhance the system's modularity and maintainability, making it easier to update, replace, or scale individual components without affecting the entire system. Containers play a crucial role in Pacsquare's infrastructure. It packages applications and their dependencies, ensuring consistent and reproducible environments across development, testing, and production stages. The use of container orchestration tools, allows Pacsquare to efficiently manage and scale containerized applications, ensuring high availability and quick response times.

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Benefits of Back-Office Clearing

Risk Mitigation: Pac Back-office clearing solution reduces counterparty risk by acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. When trades are cleared through a central clearinghouse, the clearinghouse becomes the counterparty to both sides of the trade. This eliminates the risk of default from one party impacting the other.

Netting and Margining:Our Back-office Clearing solutions facilitate multilateral netting, where offsetting positions are aggregated to reduce the number of transactions settled. Additionally, margin processes are employed to ensure that participants have sufficient collateral to cover potential losses, further reducing risk exposure.

Liquidity Enhancement:By centralizing clearing and settlement processes, Pac Back-office clearing can enhance market liquidity. It facilitates faster and more reliable transactions, encouraging increased trading activity.

Access to Diverse Markets: Pac Back-office Clearing solutions can provide participants with access to a broader range of markets and financial instruments. This access allows investors to diversify their portfolios and manage risk more effectively.

Collateral Management: Pac Back-office Clearing monitor and manage collateral requirements, ensuring that participants maintain adequate assets to cover their positions. This collateral management process reduces systemic risk and promotes financial stability.


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